Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Long Island Game Farm

Baby Goats

Pony Rides

Dog Show

Teacup Ride


A great day with my daughter.
This was followed by an afternoon swim at the beach, and a great grilled steak.
This was a great day.
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Madison Dance Recital Part 2

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Madison's Dance Recital

She Danced to Route 66, which is now on the list of songs that can make me tear up.

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Thievery Corp, Bill was right.


Thievery Corp

Bill with the, "Hey, I was right!" face

Thievery Corp

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So, I hate to admit it, but Bill was right.  The concert was great, the venue was good, and, despite myself, I had a great evening.

Lucas Tooth Gone, and Brooklyn Concert

Lucas, with tooth missing.

Brroklyn Concert Stage in Williamsburg


First Act, really good

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