Monday, March 31, 2008

Leg of Lamb, Invites, and Thoughts

I made a Leg of Lamb yesterday, and it came out pretty good. Madison helped me peel Potatoes, for 3 years old she is pretty good at working with sharp objects, and we made carrots & turnips as well. I even remembered to get Mint Jelly.

Lamb is not my favorite, but I do like it. Gabby really likes lamb, and so does my brother. Madison and I seasonmed the lamb, and then we put it in the oven. At about that time I called my brother, and I invited him over, mostly because I know he likes lamb. Of course, he was unable to join us. I wasn't surprised, James has very little time or patience when it comes to spending time with us, I don't usually feel bad about it any more, on a concious level, I realize that it's just who he is. But it bothered me yesterday.

I didn't call my Mom, though I usually do if I make something special, I just know she doesn't like lamb. Gabby thought about calling her parents, but she didn't feel like cleaning up after we ate, and decided she just wanted to relax. plus we both wanted to watch the John Adams mini-series on HBO, which by the way is very good, the book was excellent as well.

See, I like having people over for dinner, nothing fancy, just some talking and enjoyiong company. Perhaps some spirited debate, and, if I'm lucky a good cigar and a fire ion the backyard. However, a quite dinner can be just as good. A good program, a great book, a nice wine.

I just wish, sometimes, that my brother would be included in these times. But I suppose that won't really ever happen, I'll keep asking, but in the end, people have to want to be there.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Orchid Show 2008

And so another year has gone by, and again we find oorselves at the Garden
Madison is 3, and beautiful, if a bit bossy.
I am grayer, and Gabby is almost graduating.
Next year will bring many surprises, I am sure, I just hope I have time to remember what happened.

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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Orchid Show 2007 Continued

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Orchid Show 2007

Another year has passed, Gabby is doing well at school, Madison is 2, and speaking very well, in full sentences. On this day she was not feeling well, and threw up, cutting the trip short, but it was a good day, and she got better.

Madison & Baby G at reflecting pool.
Madison can reach the water now.

She is starting to look like herself.

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Orchid Show 2006 Continued

So another year has passed. Madison is walking, and talking. We are settling into a groove, and a moment in time is captured in a few pictures.

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Orcid Show 2006

Madison and Gabby at Reflecting Pool
Madison at the Fountain
The water keeps coming, it's a miracle!
The main Display, a bit sparse this year
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Orchid Show 2005

Traditions, how do they start? What makes them evolve? Is it always a conscious choice, or do they occur naturally. My daughter was 5 months old here, things were rocky between BabyG and me, yet the flowers were beautiful, the day was a good one, and the hot chocolate was warm on a cold day.

Madison at Central Flower Display.

The 3 of us.
The Central Reflecting Pool.
Me & Madison
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